The Feckless Art & Print Co. 

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Feckless focuses on all techniques of printmaking, however, the works must have been produced in British Columbia, depict British Columbia scenes, or have been created by a British Columbia artist. Finally, each work must have been created prior to 1971.  

The Feckless Collection is considered by many scholars and art historians to be the most important and comprehensive private collection of British Columbia printmakers. The Feckless Collection traces the development and history of the province documenting its people, industry, built and natural landscapes.

What makes this collection so impressive is its depth and breadth, covering the well-known, forgotten, and the obscure artists who have been inspired by the province. 

This online gallery of the Feckless Collection is still growing. There are approximately 2 linear metres of ephemera plus approximately eighty books that have yet to be catalogued, photographed, and presented here.